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Salon Services



Expert Consultation Available

Get expert advice for your starter locs and loc extensions with our consultation service. The initial consultation is $35 for 30 minutes, and each additional 15 minutes is $10. We prioritize the health of your hair and only use professional products tailored to your specific needs. Our consultations can be conducted in-person, via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Schedule your appointment now for our consultation services.



Please note that prices listed below are starting prices and may vary based on factors such as hair length, thickness, and desired style. Final cost will be provided upon consultation and completion of the style. In some cases, a price range may be given if the final cost cannot be determined until the style is completed. Hair extensions, if needed, are typically included in the price.



In order to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all clients, we ask that you refrain from bringing any additional guests or children to your appointment. This is due to limited space in the salon and we cannot assume responsibility for any accidents that may occur.

Price List


$95+    Shampoo and Maintenance                        

$30+    Styles                                                          

$150+  Starter Locs                                               

$5+      Repairs, per loc                                           

$10+    Pre-existing Extension (on locs)                 

$400+  Loc Re-attachment, Full Head                   

$15+    Deep Conditioning Treatment                    

$20+    Loc Trim                                                    


Extensions (full head) Call for Consultation


$30+   Re-touch front                                             

$50+   Full Head Roots                                           

$80+   Root to tips full Head                                   


$45+   Natural Hair shampoo + blow out          

$35+   Relaxed Hair Shampoo + blow out      

$25+   Trim                                                             

$15+    Deep Conditioning Treatment                 

Protective Styles

$95+    Two Strand Twists (no hair added)             

$225+  Kinky Twist (hair not included)

$295+  Curly Twists (hair included)                         

$95+    Signature Flat Twists           

$25+    Shampoo                                                          

Salon Opening Hours

Sun/Mon/Tue: Closed, 
Wed: 10am - 6pm, 
Thurs: 10am - 3pm, 
Fri: 10am - 6pm,
Sat: 10am - 2pm

You can schedule an appointment online
with us for Salon Services.

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