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Loc Extension, Repair, & Re- Attachment

Loc Extension, Repair, & Re- Attachment


Beginners & Advance Techniques Styles

Join Our Classes and start creating beautiful hairstyles


Do you have clients who want locs but do not have the patience to wait for them to grow?  We will show you how to create instant locs on natural or relaxed hair.  These instant locs will allow your clients to immediately be able to style, crinkle, twist, french roll and shampoo them!!  You will also learn how to re-attach locs that have fallen out, or extend them if loc was thrown out, and how to repair thinning locs!!!  Loc Extensions are a $600+ service and $3 - $15 per loc to repair.  It’s a great Investment!!


Workshop Info 

All Classes Subject to Availability 

Call For Per-Booking on:

+1 (860) 523 4844

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