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Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Completed my first photo shoot for the year and a Bridal one too, was very excited about that. I have always wanted to do a bridal shoot. The collaboration was with DanielleCicero the designer for the bridal dresses.  We participated in the Bridal Expo in Hartford, CT, Jan 15-16.  That was fabulous.  Expo was followed by the shoot.  Models, NuNu, Amalia, Monique, Greg and Kristen, were on point and Keith Claytor, Timefrozen was working the camera.  Brettnee Nelson did an excellent job with the makeup as always. Jewellry was made and provided by Jessica Dickens.  Talk about team all rocked!!!

The purpose of the shoot was to showcase Afrocentric Styles for weddings.  Styles consisted of Flat Twists, Natural Hair and Locs see pictures below:

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