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Starting & Maintaining Locs

Starting & Maintaining Locs


Beginners & Advance Techniques Styles

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Ever wondered, how long does it take to loc your hair? What’s the best way to start locs? Can beeswax be used? What’s the best product to use on locs? How often can they be washed? What's the difference between palm rolling and inter-locking? Wonder no more! These questions will be answered and any myths dispelled that you might have regarding hair locking.  In this class, you will learn three different ways to start locs, based on texture, how to maintain them using different palm rolling methods, keeping the frizzies in place using the locsymithing method, proper use of products, the do’s and don'ts for locing hair, parting techniques, appropriate size to start locs based on texture and how to properly wash Locs, A live model and a mannequin will be used. Class 3 hours.


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